Student Spotlight

The English major provides opportunities both inside and beyond the classroom to expand research and develop creativity. Our department’s Digital Media Interns continuously assemble new avenues, stories and resources for students to explore. Visit the categories below to peer inside the English Department from our students’ vantage point and envision what it’s like to pursue a critical or creative thesis, take an English course, or major in English at Duke.

Distinction Projects

Take a closer look at the research and thought-processes behind our majors’ critical distinction projects and learn what inspires students to pursue creative distinction projects in fiction, poetry and nonfiction.


Inside English Courses

Experience an English course at Duke through the lens of another student.


Meet our Majors

Our English majors are active and accomplished at Duke and beyond. Discover where they came from and where they’re going.


Professor Profiles

English Department faculty specialize in a range of historic periods, areas and genres. Learn what sets English faculty apart in their field and how their research and creative works inform their courses.


Resources: From One Student to Another

Explore the English Department’s resources from the inside out and use student-created guides to apply knowledge and skills learned in English courses outside the major.


Digital Media Internship

Learn more about the Digital Media Internship in English and meet our former interns.