The work of Duke English Faculty extends beyond book publications. They write articles for major magazines, journals, and newspapers and even lend their expertise to podcasts and the likes. Below we highlight some of the works that Duke English faculty members would like to share:

What Future for a Europe of the Past? Myth, Memory, and the Map of Time in the Work of Jean Raspail and Georgi Gospodinov, by Corina Stan, Critique: Studies in Contemporary Fiction, July 8, 2024

On Humane Tech: The Written Word in a Digital World with Dr. Aarthi Vadde, By ASU Lincoln Center for Applied Ethics, June 26, 2023

Disaster by Tsitsi Jaji, The Atlantic, June 2023 Issue

Review: Songs That Defy the ‘Quotidian Nature of Evil,’ featuring Tsitsi Jaji, The New York Times, January 14, 2023

Freedom on the Move: Songs in Flight Preview - Schomburg Center, Tsitsi Jaji, YouTube, January 10, 2023

Songs Bring to Life Fugitives from Enslavement Sought in Slavery-Era ‘Runaway’ ads, Audio Interview on “A Tempo," Tsitsi Jaji,, January 5, 2023

Wide World of Disney by Akhil Sharma by Akhil Sharma, The New Yorker - July 04, 2022

Akhil Sharma Reads Joyce Carol Oates  by Akhil Sharma, The New Yorker - July 01, 2022

Europe: A Philosophical History by Corina Stan, The Point Magazine - April 26, 2022

A “Reorder of Things” in Black Studies: Sacred Praxis, Phono(geo)graphy, and the Counter-Archive of Diaspora by Jarvis C. McInnis, Comparative Literature Studies - March 17, 2022

A Passage to Parenthood by Akhil Sharma, The New Yorker - January 24, 2022