Graduate Students

Matthew Omelsky


African and diasporic literature, film, music; phenomenology; time; French, Wolof, German languages.

Claire Ravenscroft


Claire Ravenscroft is a doctoral candidate in the English department with research and teaching interests in contemporary literature, energy and climate.

Sara Seeskin

Instructional Staff, Grad Student

Kevin Spencer


The Realism vs modernism debates in relation to novels and drama; Continental philosophy; Ordinary Language Philosophy

Michelle Sroka


I'm currently writing about labor and working-class poetry during the Romantic period, roughly 1780-1820. I'm teaching a survey of Romanticism course this semester (Fall 2017), titled Human All Too Human. It explores the concept of the human being during this period, and how that relates... Full Profile »

Jessica Stark


Jessica Q. Stark is a PhD Candidate in English at Duke University, where she is studying the presence of community, collaboration, and popular culture across literary genres. Her dissertation project explores the intersections between modern to contemporary poetry and American comic books in... Full Profile »

Hannah VanderHart


Office Hours: By appointment

Early Modern Studies - Currently writing my second dissertation chapter on Aemilia Lanyer's poetry.