Distinction Projects

Take a closer look at the research and thought-processes behind our majors’ critical distinction projects and learn what inspires students to pursue creative distinction projects in fiction, poetry and nonfiction.

Cliff Haley’s “Stuck on the Spectrum” is a queer analysis of male heterosexuality within mid-20th-century American literature. Haley’s thesis begins with Giovanni’s Room by James Baldwin, then moves to Ernest Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises before returning to Baldwin’s Another Country. Within these texts, Haley explores the dilemmas of sexuality—and he argues that while we as modern readers better understand the sexual spectrum, we embrace… read more about What's in a Thesis? We Ask Undergrads What It Takes »

2020 English alum Valerie Muensterman was one of the recipients of a 2020 Benenson Award in the Arts for her one-actor play titled God’s Last Name, a piece written for one actor and a series of recorded voices.  The funding that Muensterman received from the Benenson afforded her the opportunity to write a full-length play over the summer. read more about English Alum Valerie Muensterman’s (’20) Benenson Award Project »