Duke HuMed - Humanities in Medicine

Duke HuMed's (Humanities in Medicine) mission is to highlight and expand upon topics at the intersection of Humanities and Medicine. Annually, they invite and sponsor speakers who majored or minored in English to address the Duke Student Body and share their own experiences embracing duality within these fields of study. In hosting these events, Duke Humed seeks to unite those who hope to combine, rather than choose between, these subjects and thereby enhance our intellectual culture.



Dr. Jocelyn Steroid - HuMed Event

Headshot of Sibani Ram
Sibani Ram, ’23 - Founder

"I started Duke Hu-Med (Humanities in Medicine) Celebrations because I felt that the Duke undergrad pre-health community lacked a space where those interested in both medicine and humanities (and Literature/English in particular) could come together to celebrate alumni innovating in both areas.  There were multiple avenues for students interested in combining premed with lab research, policy, finance, engineering, global health, among other sciences, but very few avenues for those deeply interested in the humanities.  Once the English department graciously funded two of my HuMed celebration ideas through the George P. Lucaci fund, I knew I wanted to leave my mark on the Duke Pre-Health scene in a meaningful (and innovative) way.  This is my way of leaving that mark.  I'm so grateful to the English Department of believing in this initiative. I hope that this initiative grows and encourages an increasing number of pre-health students to pursue a humanities major or minor as a Duke undergrad.”

Headshot of Rebecca Arian, President
Rebecca Arian, ’26 - President

"As a freshman hoping to double major in English and Neuroscience, this initiative immediately caught my attention; from the time I heard about it, I knew I wanted to be involved in Duke HuMed. Growing up around writers, I always possessed a love for English and a desire to articulate my understanding of the works I read. When I entered high school, I also became immersed in Molecular Biology research and now work as a Research Intern at both Duke’s Tissue Engineering Lab and NASA's Radiation Biophysics Lab. 

Balancing these two fields of study, I originally believed I'd have to choose between them. But initiatives like HuMed helped me realize that I didn't need to pick one over the other—rather, I could combine them. I am so excited about HuMed and hope others are too!” 



Headshot of Professor Priscilla Wald
Priscilla Wald, Faculty Advisor

Dr. Quinn Wann - HuMed Event
Quinn Wang Medicine, Humanities, and Business Celebration


Grace D. Li HuMed Flyer
Grace Li Medicine, Literature, and Culture Celebration