Junior Brandon Xie combined his major study in computer science with his interest in films to develop an algorithm that pulled statistics from 23 different movie websites. The result is a long list of excellent choices for movie-watching during the winter break. read more about Brandon Xie’s “500 Greatest Movies of All Time” »

Duke administrators worked with students to develop a website to help Duke community members understand their rights in sexual harassment and discrimination cases and the university's processes for handling these cases. read more about New FAQ Provides Quick Answers for Duke Community on Revised Title IX Policy Changes »

The following message was sent to all university students, faculty and staff on Nov. 24, 2020.  Dear Students, Faculty and Staff, Duke has for many months required a mask or face covering in all outdoor settings where social distancing measures cannot be maintained and at all times in shared spaces indoors. read more about Mask Up: It’s the Law »

During a most unusual semester, our entire Duke University community made contributions: Some have contributed on campus, teaching, researching, supporting our students and faculty, and keeping our transportation options running, our buildings and grounds safe, and our classrooms and labs open. Some have contributed remotely, adapting to the new challenges and opportunities of working from home, becoming well-acquainted with Zoom and Teams. Some have taken on new responsibilities in the face of the pandemic, shifting from… read more about With Gratitude »

Duke undergraduates Margaret Gaw, Cliff Haley, and Eliza Farley each have distinct plans for the future.  Gaw, a junior on the pre-med track, is passionate about women’s health and health policy, and has plans to become a healthcare practitioner. Farley is headed straight to law school after graduation, she said, with the ultimate goal of becoming a lawyer. And Haley, a current senior on the cusp of the real word, hopes to go into the publishing field as an editor or marketing specialist.  An aspiring doctor, lawyer, and… read more about English Majors at Duke Pursue a Range of Career Paths »

Two Duke seniors are winners of prestigious Rhodes Scholarships to study at Oxford University. Jamal Burns and and Kendall Jefferys are two of the 32 Rhodes Scholars selected from colleges and universities across the nation. read more about Congratulations to Kendall Jefferys, Who Was Named a 2021 Rhodes Scholar »

Duke administered 15,532 tests to students and faculty/staff during the week. 13 students and 11 faculty/staff tested positive, for a positivity rate of 0.15 percent. With the conclusion of the fall semester, this will be the last full testing report for 2020.  read more about Twenty-Four Test Positive for COVID-19, Nov. 14-20 »

Duke University is sometimes referred to as a pretty good knock-off of fancier schools farther north. But while those ivy-clad universities with smart students, prestigious medical schools and big endowments stayed closed this fall, Duke invited its freshmen, sophomores, some upperclassmen and all of its graduate students to its Durham, N.C., campus for largely in-person classes. read more about Duke University Schools the Country on How to Stay Open During the COVID-19 Pandemic »

—after Gwendolyn Brooks No matter the pull toward brink. No matter the florid, deep sleep awaits. There is a time for everything. Look, just this morning a vulture nodded his red, grizzled head at me, and I looked at him, admiring the sickle of his beak. Then the wind kicked up, and, after arranging that good suit of feathers he up and took off. Just like that. And to boot, there are, on this planet alone, something like two million naturally occurring sweet things, some with names so… read more about Poem of the Day "Sorrow Is Not My Name" »

DURHAM, N.C. -- Duke University senior Amelia Steinbach of Durham, North Carolina, is one of 12 Americans selected this weekend to receive the George J. Mitchell Scholarship for a year of graduate study in Ireland. This year, 453 students applied for the scholarship, named in honor of Sen. George Mitchell’s contributions to the Northern Ireland peace process. Recipients are chosen on the basis of academic distinction, leadership and service. Steinbach, a political science major with minors in Gender, Sexuality &… read more about Duke Senior Awarded George J. Mitchell Scholarship to Study in Ireland »

Administrators gave updates on Duke’s anti-racism initiatives at the Academic Council’s November meeting on Thursday.  President Vincent Price outlined four principle challenges regarding moving forward and making progress in Duke’s anti-racism initiative, which he also listed in an interview with The Chronicle last week: communication to keep the community informed about anti-racism efforts, coordination across diverse units and departments, data gathering and assessment and ensuring accountability throughout the… read more about Price Address Main Challenges With Anti-Racism Efforts at Academic Council Meeting »

Duke has four possible plans for the start of the spring semester, including the current plan and three contingency options if COVID-19 rates are higher than expected, Executive Vice Provost Jennifer Francis told the Academic Council on Thursday. read more about Duke Has Several Contingency Plans for Start of Spring Semester »

Listen, you who transformed your anguish into healthy awareness, put your voice where your memory is. You who swallowed the afternoon dust, defend everything you understand with words. You, if no one else, will condemn with your tongue the erosion each disappointment brings.   You, who saw the images of disgust growing, will understand how time devours the destitute; you, who gave yourself your own commandments, know better than anyone why you turned your back on your town's toughest limits.   Don't… read more about Poem of the Day "You, If No One Else" »

Established in 1887, The Archive is Duke University’s undergraduate literary magazine, showcasing students’ original poetry and prose. The biannual collection is published online and in print, and welcomes submissions of any theme or subject.  For Duke’s aspiring writers and creative thinkers, The Archive provides a platform for exceptional literary work to be recognized and shared. Getting a piece published in The Archive might be a first step towards becoming a novelist or poet. Submitting is… read more about Undergraduates: Here’s Where You Can Submit your Creative Writing for Publication  »

When I hear news of a hitchhiker struck by lightning yet living, or a child lifting a two-ton sedan to free his father pinned underneath, or a camper fighting off a grizzly with her bare hands until someone, a hunter perhaps, can shoot it dead, my thoughts turn to black people— the hysterical strength we must possess to survive our very existence, which I fear many believe is, and treat as, itself a freak occurrence. Archive of "Poem of the Day" read more about Poem of the Day "Hysterical Strength" »

MONROE, La.— The National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) and Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities (LEH) have approved a grant proposal written by students in the English professional writing class of Patrick Morgan, Ph.D., at the University of Louisiana Monroe.  The grant was awarded to librarian and Coordinator of Collections Heather Pilcher and provides funding to digitize 50 years of ULM's historical student newspaper, which are housed in the ULM Library Special Collections & Archives. … read more about Patrick Morgan’s, (‘19 Ph.D.) ULM English Class Wrote Grant Awarded to Library Special Collections & Archives  »

Duke's effort to minimize COVID-19 virus spread among students this fall was successful largely because of aggressive testing and responsible behaviors by the campus community. That was the conclusion from five Duke experts who took part in a virtual media briefing Wednesday, a day after the CDC published a case study on Duke’s experience. read more about Students 'Nothing Short of Phenomenal' In Minimizing COVID Spread »

Tune in this afternoon for a half-day virtual symposium to discuss grief and well-being resources available to the Duke community. The session will open with remarks from men’s basketball head coach Mike Krzyzewski and close with a reflection from Anthony Galanos, Duke palliative care specialist, who wrote about grief in this essay for Duke Magazine. read more about Matters of Grief, The Duke Response »

When COVID hit last spring, many graduate students had to give up their summer plans for teaching, field research and internships. The Provost’s Office quickly pledged support,… read more about Duke Ph.D. Students Find Unexpected Benefits in an Unusual Summer »

See how colleagues make automatic out of office messages creative and informative. read more about Out of Office Messages in Remote Work Times »

Professor Charlotte Sussman's "Where Will Dido Rest" was published in Nov. 2020 edition of Modern Philology. read more about "Where Will Dido Rest?" Modern Philology »

Study demonstrates importance of frequent, routine testing of asymptomatic students and feasibility of a pooled testing approach. read more about Duke Study Highlights Importance of Asymptomatic Testing »

The night air is filled  with the scent of apples,  and the moon is nearly full. In the next room, Jim  is reading; a small cat sleeps  in the crook of his arm.  The night singers are loud,  proclaiming themselves  every evening until they run out of nights and die in the cold, or burrow down into  the mud to dream away the winter. My office is awash in books and photographs, and the sepia/pink sunset stains all its light touches.  I’ve never been a good traveler,  but there are days, like this one, when I’d pay… read more about Poem of the Day "In the Evening" »

Although adjusting to a fully virtual recruiting environment presents both challenges and opportunities, the Duke Career Center is lending a hand to students. For many employers, the pandemic has posed a challenge to recruitment efforts. Most companies use some form of in-person engagement as part of their recruitment strategy, so switching to an all-online strategy on short notice has proven difficult for both students and employers. read more about Career Center Pivots To Help Students With Virtual Recruitment »

The Fuqua School of Business and LinkedIn collaborated during International Education Week to advise Duke students on how to stand out during an international job search. read more about Fuqua and LinkedIn Offer Advice to Take Your Global Job Search to the Next Level »

A case study published by the CDC shows Duke's aggressive measures kept infection rates among students lower than they were in the surrounding community. Large outbreaks seen on other campuses were avoided. Five Duke faculty and administrators will discuss the effort Wednesday in a briefing streamed on YouTube. read more about A Case Study: Duke's Aggressive COVID Testing and Surveillance Minimized Infection »

words are birds that arrive with books and spring   they love clouds the wind and trees   some words are messengers that come from far away from distant lands   for them there are no borders only stars moon and sun   some words are familiar like canaries others are exotic like the quetzal bird   some can stand the cold others migrate with the sun to the south   some words die caged— they're difficult to translate   and others build nests have chicks warm them feed them   teach… read more about Poem of the Day "Words Are Birds" »

Brown gas-fog, white beneath the street lamps. Cut off on three sides, all space filled with our bodies.        Bodies that stumble in brown airlessness, whitened in light, a mildew glare,        that stumble hand in hand, blinded, retching. Wanting it, wanting to be here, the body believing it’s dying in its nausea, my head clear in its despair, a kind of joy, knowing this is by no means death, is trivial, an incident, a fragile instant.    Wanting it, wanting           with all my hunger this anguish… read more about Poem of the Day "At the Justice Department November 15, 1969" »

Throughout the Fall semester of 2020, the English faculty at Duke University participated in a series of discussions via Zoom to share with others what they are working on beyond the classroom.  The Faculty Work Discussion Series began in September with a presentation by Professor Thomas Ferraro and continued thereafter with monthly presentations by Professor Corina Stan and Julianne Werlin to follow.  The Faculty Work Discussion Series is an opportunity for students, staff, faculty, and anyone interested in learning about… read more about Review: Fall 2020 Faculty Works Discussion Series »