If in the blue gloom of early morning, the sky heavy with portents of snowfall, the air crisp with the cold that will gather about us for the long season ahead, you see the slick blackness of my car humming in the empty A lot; and if you see the light of the dash against my face, and notice my mouth moving  like a sputtering madman’s might, and if you see me wave a hand toward my head and pull away the knit tam I wear close to the skull, and if you see me rocking, eyes closed—then do not second guess yourself—it is true, I… read more about Poem of Day "Dawn" »

Duke has fallen to 12th place in the most recent U.S. News and World Report National Universities rankings, after tying with Johns Hopkins for 10th place last year and sitting at No. 8 the year before. read more about Duke Falls to 12 In National Ranking Jumps in Undergraduate Teaching »

Vox Populorum For recent English Ph.D. graduates Katya Gorecki and Hannah Lee Rogers, being co-hosts of the podcast Vox Populorum can only be described as an “academic barroom conversation with drinking and swearing.” read more about From Science to Basketball, Grad Students and Alumni find Their Voice in Podcasting »

  after Idra Novey On a dirt road On a drive to el campo You found a batey I cut the cane  We sucked on a stalk You gave me your arms  I swam in the river We locked the door  Then the lights went out  And the radio played  You fingered the pesos  I walked to the beach We fried the fish  You ate the mango   I jumped in the water We bought the flowers Then the migrants came And you bartered for more  Then the sirens blared And they were carried away But we didn’t stop them  Then the ocean swept… read more about Poem of Day "Along the Border" »

Duke IT security offers simulated attacks to train employees to spot hacking read more about Phishing Drill Prepares Community for Email Scams »

Registration is required.  To view the schedule and book you appointment, visit   read more about Flu Shots Are Available to All Students »

They lie  under stars in a field.  They lie under rain in a field.  Under sun.  Some people  are like this as well—  like a painting  hidden beneath another painting.  An unexpected weight  the sign of their ripeness. Poem copyright ©2008 by Jane Hirshfield. Archive of "Poem of the Day" read more about Poem of Day "Green-Striped Melons" »

Studying in your dorm room can be distracting, but have no fear: Duke’s libraries are here and ready to help students by providing study spaces and academic resources. read more about Duke's Libraries Offer Study Space and Resources, But With New Safety Restrictions »

In addition to a summer dominated by the coronavirus pandemic, a socially distanced semester and online classes have created concerns of prolonged periods of isolation for incoming students. With the semester back in full swing, students have a variety of mental health resources to help them navigate the challenges this year brings. read more about Online Mental Health Resources Available to Students This Fall From DSG, Student Groups »

Each year, the english department is host to a number of events that invite students to hear from faculty members about their interests or latest research endeavors. Usually, the talks are hosted in more intimate settings: a space on campus or in a faculty member’s home over dinner. But this year, with events now held remotely, the department was tasked with re-thinking ways to engage students on a social and intellectual level. The result? A monthly faculty discussion series held over Zoom where faculty members are able to… read more about English Faculty Discussion Series Builds Intellectual Community Online »

International Housekeeper Appreciation Week presents a special opportunity to show gratitude for vital work read more about Duke Housekeepers: A Front Line of Defense »

During the Fall 2020 semester, three guests will join Professor Mesha Maren-Hogan’s English 110S “Introduction to Creative Writing” class via Zoom.  Author Jaquíra Díaz visited the class on Wednesday, September 2, 2020, as the first guest for the David L. Paletz Writing Guest series.  Jaquíra Díaz is a writer, essayist, journalist, and cultural critic.  In October of 2019, her memoir Ordinary Girls was released.  Ms. Diaz was born in Puerto Rico but spent most of her formative years in Miami,… read more about Jaquíra Díaz, First Episode of the David L. Paletz Creative Writing Guest Series »

After two years of collecting data from Black students, Duke Libraries has released a report exploring their experiences in using the libraries. One takeaway: Duke Libraries and Duke are too often silent about challenges and discrimination Black students face on campus. read more about Understanding the Experiences and Needs of Black Students at Duke »

Out of 7,582 tests administered, five students and one faculty/staff tested positive for COVID-19 and were put in isolation. On Friday, President Price announced additional testing and other steps to further protect the safety of athletes participating in five fall sports. read more about COVID-19 Testing Update, Sept. 5-11 »

Yesterday, along a walled track I came upon a dark-brown brush just the size of my hand. From under it poked a narrow snout which, when it sensed my boot, pulled back as fast as it could. I know that rush, that flight. Real fear, imagined fear, it makes no never mind. There is something huddled in us all.  Lola Haskins lives in Gainesville, Fla. She has published 13 collections of poetry, most recently “Asylum: Improvisations on John Clare” (University of Pittsburgh Press, 2019). https://www.… read more about Poem of Day "The Hedgehog" »

I am wearing dark glasses inside the house To match my dark mood. I have left all the sugar out of the pie. My rage is a kind of domestic rage. I learned it from my mother Who learned it from her mother before her And so on. Surely the Greeks had a word for this. Now surely the Germans do. The more words a person knows To describe her private sufferings The more distantly she can perceive them. I repeat the names of all the cities I’ve known And watch an ant drag its crooked shadow home. What does it mean to love the… read more about Poem of Day "Enough" »

Our bodies give  into the ocean rolling       us beneath its tongues     How do we sing  our loss  with water brimming our throats? Oh  Sea, You  are greedy and transform us—       our faces soft and opening  You do not wash  but strike and shove   You  rinse babies from our arms     leave  husbands waiting       We spin in your disregard   You  upend this body We  praise your ruin                                            Our monuments  rooting bones in all shores Copyright © 2020 by Ashaki M. Jackson.    Listen… read more about Poem of the Day "A Proclamation" »

The June sun slants through the stairwell window, lays a bright bar on the pine floor. Just turned one, the child sits flat, feet out in a V, facing away from the stairwell, into the broad bottom shelf of the big thing stuck to the wall, full of tall flat things. She pulls out one, stares at it, drops it carefully upside down, tugs at another until it gives. She hoists it in both hands close to her eyes, puts out her tongue: old cloth, soft paper, some dust, and under the dust, mystery, what her mother’s voice pulls out of… read more about Poem of the Day "Augury" »

1 Outside the room where you have lived a long time Are other rooms, another building, just like yours. Each night a ship sails past, wider than the building, taller than the highest church. And though the passengers would like to visit the city, No one in the city ever boards the ship. Would you? Each night this spectacle is seen by you. The street surveyed, The air inhaled. Grapes from the west, Cinnamon from the east —  If I’ve employed too liberally the passive voice, Remember it’s the thoughts, The feelings that… read more about Poem of the Day "This Little Island" »

Student resources for the fall and where to find them..... A Roundup of Resources for Duke students near and far Duke offices have developed new strategies to offer students near and far continued access to support services, volunteer opportunities and other important resources. read more about Make the Connection: Resources and Opportunities for Students This Fall »

The Nasher Museum of Art, like all other communities and initiatives at Duke, had to adapt during the pandemic. As Wendy Hower, the Director of Engagement & Marketing at the museum, said: “Everything has changed at the Nasher, and we spent the entire summer responding to COVID-19.” The digital avenues that are now being explored come at a pivotal point in Duke’s history. We are witnessing an unprecedented transition in museum work, which is indicative of global trends. read more about The Nasher Goes Virtual With New Digital Projects »

A new study finds that innovative instructors prefer to talk to like-minded people, suggesting that colleges need to think strategically if they want effective teaching strategies to spread across campus, writes Beth McMurtrie. read more about Teaching: Why Is It So Hard to Spread Innovation Teaching Practices? »

Durham, then and now..... You can't learn the entire history of Durham in one day, but a virtual discussion today sponsored by Duke's Service-Learning Program will cover many important places and moments, from the Pauli Murray House to the Old Whitted School. The above link shows some of the highlights of the 2019 tour.  read more about Context & Connections: An Immersive Experience for Duke Faculty, Staff, & Students In Durham »

Many Duke students find they're so driven to excel on the next test or paper that they neglect to stop and ask what it's all for. A new campus-wide initiative focused on questions of character and purpose will help students explore the meaning of their lives' work. The endeavor is made possible by an $11 million award from The Duke Endowment, a private foundation based in Charlotte, N.C.  read more about Duke Reenvisions Student Experience Driven By Purpose With $11M Award »

For Laquan McDonald I think it’s quails lining the road but it's fallen Birchwood. What look like white clouds in a grassy basin, sprinklers. I mistake the woman walking her retriever as a pair of fawns. Could-be animals. Unexplained weather. Maybe they see us that way. Knowing better, the closer they get. Not quite ready to let it go. Archive of "Poem of the Day" read more about Poem of the Day "Driving at Night" »

Duke English's  Digital Media Intern for the fall semester is Caroline Petrow-Cohen.  Caroline is an English major, Environmental Science & Policy minor, and Policy Journalism and Media Studies certificate candidate. Her previous experience includes writing for NC news outlets including Indy Week and the News & Observer.   She’s an exceptional student to have on board for this unusual semester.  If you have any ideas for articles or profiles for the fall semester, please feel free to write her directly at caroline.… read more about Fall 2020 Digital Media Intern, Caroline Petrow-Cohen »

How to improve your body language in the virtual workplace read more about Body Language Tips for Engaging Video Meetings »

Safety, style and communal spirit lead colleagues to embrace masks. read more about Duke Employees Share Their Mask Motivation »

Story+ is a 6-week summer program that immerses interdisciplinary teams of students, faculty, and staff in humanities research and public storytelling. Story+ promotes inquiry-based learning and vertically-integrated collaboration through projects that may be driven by archival research, oral history, textual analysis, visual analysis, cultural criticism, or other humanistic research methods. Small teams of undergraduates, supervised by graduate student mentors, collaborate on focused projects that contribute to the broader… read more about Call for Proposals: Project Sponsors Story+ 2021 »

Are you the new person drawn toward me?  To begin with, take warning, I am surely far different from what you suppose;  Do you suppose you will find in me your ideal?  Do you think it so easy to have me become your lover?  Do you think the friendship of me would be unalloy’d satisfaction?  Do you think I am trusty and faithful?  Do you see no further than this façade, this smooth and tolerant manner of me?  Do you suppose yourself advancing on real ground toward a real heroic man?  Have you no thought, O dreamer, that it… read more about Poem of the Day "Are You the New Person Drawn Toward Me" »