These habits will help you create a day that benefits your work and life. read more about How to Build an Effective Work Schedule at Home »

MESSAGE FROM PRESIDENT PRICE, CHANCELLOR WASHINGTON  Effective July 1, 2020, use of all tobacco products, including smokeless products and e-cigarettes, is prohibited on all property and grounds owned and leased by Duke University. read more about For Duke’s Tobacco-free start Date, A Story About Quitting »

Recent events across the U.S. have prompted many firms to invest new energy in addressing racism and inequality in their organizations. read more about The Value of Employee Voice As Firms Address Racism, Inequality »

Feedback from students on their learning experiences in Spring and Summer 1 can aid in planning flexible courses for Fall. The Trinity Office of Assessment conducted a far-reaching student survey followed by focus groups, and has a data-driven list of suggestions to consider. Read our blog post for an overview of the results and expanded suggestions for Fall 2020. read more about Lessons from Spring for a Successful Fall »

President Price updates the Duke community on plans for bringing students back to campus in the fall, including an overview of safety precautions and procedures everyone on campus must follow. read more about A Return to Campus, With Care and Caution »

                     Now that the salt of their blood     Stiffens the saltier oblivion of the sea . . .        —Allen Tate   We leave Gulfport at noon; gulls overhead trailing the boat—streamers, noisy fanfare— all the way to Ship Island. What we see first is the fort, its roof of grass, a lee— half reminder of the men who served there— a weathered monument to some of the dead. Inside we follow the ranger, hurried though we are to get to the beach. He tells of graves lost in the Gulf, the island split in half when… read more about Poem of the Day "Elegy for the Native Guards" »

Once when I was harmless and didn’t know any better, a mirror to the front of me and an ocean behind, I lay wedged in the middle of daylight, paper-doll thin, dreaming, then I vanished. I gave the day a fingerprint, then forgot. I sat naked on a towel on a hot June Monday. The sun etched the inside of my eyelids, while a boy dozed at my side. The smell of all oceans was around us— steamy salt, shell, and sweat, but I reached for the distant one. A tide rose while I slept, and soon I was alone. Try being a figure in… read more about Poem of the Day "Photo of a Girl on a Beach" »

Take a  listen to Dr. Karla FC Holloway, professor emerita at Duke University, discuss public artwork and its place, following the death of George Floyd with Elizabeth Alexander, poet, scholar, and president of The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, on The Takeaway aired on WNYC Studios. read more about Dr, Karla Holloway's Interview on Takeaway: Discuss Public Artwork Following the Murder of George Floyd: »

I am the woman often found alone —or not found. If you think of me, in your mind’s eye, see no one standing near. See me filling the space where I am easily, as an animal does, moving among the hills and trees. Part of things, but mistaken for none. Strong legs, strong lungs, deep sleep alone at night in a single bunk. Mornings I take off my shirt in the sun, dig my toes in cool sand. Giving way underfoot, the earth answers back: I am. There is a world apart from what we call “the world,” where we are alive in… read more about Poem of the Day "From the Dunes" »

Excerpts from a timely and thought-provoking essay by Trina Jones, the Jerome M. Culp Professor of Law at Duke University School of Law, and Kimberly Jade Norwood, the Henry H. Oberschelp Professor of Law at Washington University in St. Louis School of Law. Read the full essay in Duke's Medium page. read more about What Do We Teach Our Students About Law and Justice? »

I’ve had enough I’m sick of seeing and touching Both sides of things Sick of being the damn bridge for everybody Nobody Can talk to anybody Without me Right? I explain my mother to my father my father to my little sister My little sister to my brother my brother to the white feminists The white feminists to the Black church folks the Black church folks to the ex-hippies the ex-hippies to the Black separatists the Black separatists to the artists the artists to my friends’ parents… Then I’ve got to explain myself To… read more about Poem of the Day "The Bridge Poem" »

WHAT YOU HAVE HEARD is true. I was in his house. His wife carried a tray of coffee and sugar. His daughter filed her nails, his son went    out for the night. There were daily papers, pet dogs, a pistol on the cushion beside him. The moon swung bare on its black cord over the house. On the television was a cop show. It was in English. Broken bottles were embedded in the walls around the house to scoop the kneecaps from a man's legs or cut his hands to lace. On the windows there were gratings like those in liquor stores. We… read more about Poem of the Day "The Colonel" »

when the tide of silence rises say "ocean" then with the paddle of your tongue rearrange the letters to form "canoe" Copyright © 2020 by Craig Santos Perez. Originally published in Poem-a-Day on May 22, 2020 by the Academy of American Poets. Click here to hear the poem read by the poet: Archive of "Poem of the Day" read more about Poem of the Day "ars pasifika" »

Let America be America again. Let it be the dream it used to be. Let it be the pioneer on the plain Seeking a home where he himself is free. (America never was America to me.) Let America be the dream the dreamers dreamed— Let it be that great strong land of love Where never kings connive nor tyrants scheme That any man be crushed by one above. (It never was America to me.) O, let my land be a land where Liberty Is crowned with no false patriotic wreath, But opportunity is real, and life is free, Equality is in the air… read more about Poem of the Day "Let America Be America Again" »

Duke Faculty and Staff, We are writing to provide an update on our phased return to the workplace and the gradual reopening of offices and buildings on campus. read more about Update on Plans for a Return to the Workplace »

Three Duke experts discuss the progress being made in COVID-19 research and the economics of producing billions of vaccines—once one is developed. read more about COVID-19 Vaccine in 2020 Highly Unlikely, Experts Caution »

with a line from Gwendolyn Brooks Months into the plague now, I am disallowed entry even into the waiting room with Mom, escorted outside instead by men armed with guns & bottles of hand sanitizer, their entire countenance its own American metaphor. So the first time I see you in full force, I am pacing maniacally up & down the block outside, Facetiming the radiologist & your mother too, her arm angled like a cellist’s to help me see. We are dazzled by the sight of each bone in your feet, the pulsing… read more about Poem of the Day "Dad Poem (Ultrasound #2)" »

Ease up on perfection and take time to reflect and reset to better focus read more about It’s Okay to Rest Your Brain – Even in Pandemic »

During times of widespread stress, one theory suggests, people are more likely to dream about similar imagery. Initiated by dance professor Michael Kliën, the Social Dreaming Matrix attracts people from around the world to explore the common metaphors of their dreams.  read more about Dream a Little Dream »

Five haiku poets of the Carolina African American Writers’ Collective gathered in the Nasher Museum Sculpture Garden and responded, in verse, to the COVID-19 pandemic and the global protest movement against police brutality. read more about Haiku In the Rain, Written for a Crisis »

As part of its commitment to health and wellness, Duke University will become a tobacco-free campus effective July 1, 2020. The policy prohibits the use of all tobacco products, including all electronic smoking devices such as e-cigarettes and vaping products, cigarettes, cigars, hookah, chewing tobacco, snuff, IQOS, and all other forms of tobacco. What: Duke University will be a tobacco-free campus beginning July 1, 2020. This means the use of all tobacco-based products, including cigarettes, cigars,… read more about Duke Will Officially Become a Tobacco-Free Campus on July 1 »

A new grad student far away from home, I took every step on trembling ground. I knew no one. Who were my friends? The other black student in the program ducked and rushed away when our eyes met. Seminar rooms were full of hungry dogs snapping up scraps of nodding approval. At the end of a campus reception I accepted the offer of a ride from campus to my downtown room-with-bath. October. Evenings were getting cool. The walk over the bridge downtown felt dangerously long when it was dark. Did the young man who offered me a… read more about Poem of the Day "Pigeon and Hawk" »

Duke staff and faculty share titles on their reading list – or what to add to yours read more about Books to Capture Your Attention This Summer »

Our goal is to help Duke faculty design and develop courses that can be successful in any mode of delivery — face-to-face, online or hybrid. To that end, we are committed to helping you create the most resilient, flexible course(s) possible. We are calling this effort “flexible teaching.”  read more about What Is Flexible Teaching? »

Kim Cato is hanging up her medical scrubs to play detective this summer.  In her imagination, that is. Cato has read “State of Onion,” a suspense novel about a White House chef  hunted by an assassin, and she plans to read “The Scent of Rain and Lightning,” which is about a woman who investigates her father’s murder 23 years later. “Mysteries take me out of this world we’re in right now,” said Cato, a clinical nurse for Duke Gastroenterology. “I’m not usually right, but I love trying to figure out the question of whodunnit… read more about Books to Capture Your Attention This Summer »

... say we live on, say we’ll forget the masks that kept us from dying from the invisible, but say we won’t ever forget the invisible masks we realized we had been wearing most our lives, disguising ourselves from each other. Say we won’t veil ourselves again, that our souls will keep breathing timelessly, that we won’t return to clocking our lives with lists and appointments. Say we’ll keep our days errant as sun showers, impulsive as a star’s falling. Say this isn’t our end … ... say I’ll get to be as thrilled as a boy… read more about Poem of the Day "Say This Isn't the End" »

our months into the pandemic, one thing is becoming clear: Masks work. Two Duke experts explain why mask-wearing will be an essential element of re-opening. read more about Want To Keep the Country Open? Wear a Mask! »