Resources & Forms

Forms for Graduate Students

Departmental-specific forms are available for Duke students in our Box Folder. These include:

  • Teaching Apprenticeship Responsibilities + Contract
  • Annual Progress Report 2022-2023
  • Request for DGS Approval of Grad Student Work

Access Resources in Duke Box Folder

Forms from the Duke University Graduate School and Registrar Office can be found here:

Important Note: the DGS office requires one week to complete all forms, both online forms, and forms requiring a hard copy and signature, with the exception of conference travel forms, which must be submitted to the DGS office at least a month (and preferably much more) in advance of the applicant’s date of proposed departure.  

Additional Resources

Tax Information

If you want to set up tax withholding for your stipend you can download the proper forms here. Be sure to write “NON-COMP" at the top of the form when using it for your non-compensatory funding before submitting it to the payroll office (Box 90484, campus mail). Compensatory money is automatically taxed.

1.  US Internal Revenue Service Federal Tax Sites:

2.  North Carolina Tax Sites: