Major & Minors

We offer several avenues for students to explore English, critical analysis and creative writing.

Credential Requirements Overview
Bachelor of Arts in English 10 Courses
  • 1 gateway readings course
  • 4 area studies courses
  • 1 criticism, theory or methodology course
  • 4 electives at 200-level or above
English Minor 5 Courses, to include at least one seminar course
Creative Writing Minor 5 creative writing courses

In order to assess how well we are meeting our goals and learning objectives, the English department requires all Senior majors to submit papers for assessment to a workbook on Pebblepad and to write a brief (200-500 word) self-assessment. Specific instructions for assessment portfolios will be sent to graduating majors in October and March, depending on graduation date. You will need to complete this exercise in order for the DUS’s office to approve you for graduation with a major in English. 

For an interdepartmental major (IDM), students need to complete the gateway course, four area studies seminars, the criticism, methodology, and theory requirement (CTM) and one other English course above the 200 level.