Special Topics: Single American Author


Victor Strandberg


Regarded in his lifetime as a dominant force in modern poetry (compared by one critic to “the sun and the moon in the firmament”), T. S. Eliot has largely retained his iconic status nearly a century and a half since his birth. The central purpose of this course is to facilitate a better understanding of Eliot’s whole poetic oeuvre, from “Prufrock” and “The Waste Land” through “The Hollow Men,” “Ash-Wednesday” and “Four Quartets.” To enhance this effort, we will also read one or more of Eliot’s plays and broadly examine his literary/cultural commentary, his biography, and the historical context of his life and work. An abundance of recent Eliot scholarship, including the release online of over a thousand letters of his to an intimate female friend, will provide opportunities for original scholarship.

Area requirements for the English major (Area I, II, or III) to be determined by the Director of Undergraduate Studies. Instructor: Staff
Typically Offered
Spring Only