Meet the English Department Ambassadors
for Fall 2016

Literature exists without boundaries. Recognizing the limitlessness of language, the English Department Ambassadors are dedicated to showing Duke students the powerful manner in which studying English grants us access to a heightened understanding of our own selves and timeless truths of the human psyche. The English Department Ambassadors serve as liaisons for the greater Duke student body and the English Department, hosting campus outreach events to facilitate dialogue between current students, welcome new majors, and encourage prospective Duke students to explore the humanities.

alexandra bratton

Alexandra Bratton |

Hi! I am a current senior at Duke pursuing a major in English and a minor in Environmental Science. I enjoy hiking, traveling, musical theater, and amateur baking. Duke University’s English Department has inspired me and enhanced my ability to analyze various texts and utilize them to convey a coherent argument. In accordance with its title, the study of humanities evokes a deeper understanding of human nature, a comprehension that has allowed me to grow and develop in thought and virtue. Within Duke’s English curriculum, I am most interested in the Area II courses, such as Victorian Literature and the writing of the American Transcendentalists, and I am always available for Area II recommendations, inquiries about minoring or majoring in other disciplines, or any other questions you may have! Outside of the English Department, I'm also involved in Design for America, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Duke Student Broadcasting, and The Standard.







Elizabeth George |

Hi! I'm a senior majoring in English and Spanish. My thesis in the English department explores the influence of nineteenth-century life science on narration techniques in early modern and modernist novels through an ecofeminist critique. Outside of class, I teach English as a second language to Spanish-speakers, work in the Rubenstein Rare Book and Manuscript Library, and am writing my first novel. Thanks to Duke, I've spent my summers studying in Turkey, writing for Duke Magazine, and researching the history of women's empowerment at the University. I found my home in the English department, and I am more than happy to share advice about the thesis process and course recommendations.

catherine ward

Catherine Ward |

Hi, my name is Catherine, and I’m currently a junior English major at Duke! I’m excited by community-based research, sustainable service, and the remarkable power of the humanities. I spend my time outside of the classroom working as a Student Assistant to the President, engaging with high school students who were resettled to Durham, and chairing the service branch of Duke Cru. I’m incredibly thankful to Duke for the many opportunities it has offered me, including a domestic opportunity for civic engagement in rural South Carolina, where I worked for the Georgetown County Attorney, and an international service project working with refugee/migrant/asylum seeking communities in Dublin, Ireland through DukeEngage. I love discussing my favorite English courses at Duke and would be excited to answer questions about the Department or just chat about any author from Milton to Shakespeare to Fitzgerald;  please feel free to reach out to me with any inquiries you may have about the Duke English Department!