Past Ambassadors

Literature exists without boundaries. Recognizing the limitlessness of language, the English Department Ambassadors are dedicated to showing Duke students the powerful manner in which studying English grants us access to a heightened understanding of our own selves and timeless truths of the human psyche. The English Department Ambassadors serve as liaisons for the greater Duke student body and the English Department, hosting campus outreach events to facilitate dialogue between current students, welcome new majors, and encourage prospective Duke students to explore the humanities.

Class of 2023

  • Nick Bayer
  • Sophia Cetina
  • Ricochet (Kayla) Smith
  • Anneke Zegers

Class of 2022

  • Margaret Gaw
  • Catherine Johnson
  • Sarah Larkin
  • Samantha Su

Class of 2021

  • Bailey Bogle
  • Anna Kasradze
  • Julie Peng

Class of 2020

  • Meg Hancock
  • Duncan Yul Gweon de Caire

Class of 2019

  • Glenn Huang
  • Rachel Jeffries
  • Jasmin Jin
  • Alex Sim
  • Keegan Trofatter

Class of 2018

  • Jake Fox
  • Catherine Ward

Class of 2017

  • Alexandra Bratton
  • Elizabeth George
  • Chris Lee