Dear English Major Blog

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My name is Alyssa W. Christensen and I’m the creator and English major behind the blog. After graduating from college, I had no idea what kind of career I wanted to pursue. (Not only did I attend a liberal arts school, but my emphasis was in creative writing, specifically poetry, which didn't exactly set me up on a lucrative career track.) My idea of what I could do with an English major was limited, and even after an internship at a publishing company, I still felt like my options were few and far between. But after some serious searching, countless cover letters, my first couple of jobs and diving into the world of freelancing, I learned that there are a ton of options out there for us wordsmiths!

My goal is for to be a place for current or recently graduated English students to gain knowledge and a sense of direction regarding their careers. A big part of this includes featuring stories from people who are pursuing writing and editing careers, no matter the shape or form.