And Now What? 2018 Duke English Graduates

Thursday, June 14, 2018
Quantá Holden, Digital Communications Specialist
Bar graph of 2018 graduates plans after graduation

As the English Department celebrated its graduate ceremony on May 16, 2018, twenty-eight students crossed the stage as they stepped closer to their professional goals and dreams.   

On April 25, 2018, the English Department emailed a brief survey to the department's graduating class to ask “What’s Next?”  Nearly 50% of the graduates took a break from their studies to complete the 10 question survey.  

Graduates shared what their plans are after graduation and their plans ranged from entering the workforce, graduate school, and other things.   Forty-six percent responded that they have plans to begin a career, 31% will enroll in graduate school, and 23% selected other as their next step in life after obtaining their English degree from Duke.

Graduates will be utilizing their degrees in a wide variety of professions:  program coordinator, reporter, basketball operation, and human resource analyst.

Headshot of Manda Hufstedler


Manda Hufstedler
Program Coordinator
Kenan Institute for Ethics

Riley Ray Griffin
Bloomberg News

Headshot of Jake Fox


Jake Fox
Basketball Operation Intern
Portland Trail Blazers


Meredith Johnson
Human Resource Analyst
Morgan Stanley

Thirty-one percent of the respondents listed graduate school as being their next step, and 2018 graduate Melanie Hogue shared where she will enrolling continuing her academic studies.

Headshot Melanie Hogue


Melanie Hogue
Graduate Degree in Communications (Journalism) 
Stanford University


Several of our 2018 graduates selected "Other" as their next life venture:

Headshot of Luke Dulchemin


Luke Dulchemin will begin studying to become a Catholic Priest.  



Headshot of Jake Herb


Jake Herb is becoming part of the research post-baccalaureate program at the National Institutes of Health.



Headshot of Leigh Johnson


Teach for America in Seattle, WA, will be next for Leigh Johnson.



The results of this survey shows that 2018 graduates are on their way toward making their footprints in this world.