Playmaking for Writers: Collaboration from Page to Stage


Dramatic writing for stage, screen or film, is not meant to be read, like a novel or poem, it's meant to be performed. In this class, student writers explore the 'liveness' of dramatic writing in collaboration with actors and directors. Starting with writing exercises that aim at the core concept of 'dramatic action', students' progress to self-generated works. Semester ends with public presentation of student work as brought to the stage by the companion section for actors and directors. Prerequisite: one previous dramatic writing course in playwriting, TV writing, or screenwriting.


Prerequisite: One of these writing courses: ARTSVIS 303S; CINE 302S, 303S, 304S, 305S, 306S; ENGLISH 224S, 225S, 226S, 227S, 228S, 272SA, 316S-1, 317S; MUSIC 220S; THEATRST 216S, 273S, 280S, 282S, 282SA, 285S, 425S; VMS 220S, 321S, 338S, 360S, 387S.

Curriculum Codes
  • W
  • ALP
Cross-Listed As
  • THEATRST 380S-1
Typically Offered