Lynn Heinisch

Director of Executive and Internal Communications, PATH

Class Year


Professional Background

International writer and communications strategist. Trained as a journalist and a press officer for humanitarian agencies, I delight in writing and sharing stories of people whose lives are often unreported. During six years of journalism and 15 years of international development, I have reported from dozens of countries.

How has being an English graduate from Duke University helped shape your professional success?

I got my first Bay Area journalism job through a Duke mentor. I dreamed of working in Africa (a desire shaped partly by a college internship at Africa News, now, started by two Duke grads). My education opened many doors: first as a journalist and then in communications for international humanitarian agencies, allowing me to live and work in Africa and in other parts of the world for many years. I have been fortunate to make a career writing about people and issues I care about.

Lynn Heinisch