Jennifer Hong

Degree and Year: 
BA 2013
Professional Title: 
Medical Student
Emory University School of Medicine

Professional Background: 
Currently a fourth-year medical student. Graduated from Duke with majors in Neuroscience and English; completed Critical English Thesis titled, "Women in Medicine: What Medical Narratives Reveal About Patriarchy in the Medical System.”

How has being an English graduate from Duke University helped shape your professional success?: 
Being an English graduate has contributed immensely to my critical thinking and communication skills, both of which are crucial in medicine. Though medicine is often misperceived to be mostly scientifically-rooted, medical humanities is a rapidly expanding field that reminds us how art has always been part of medicine. I was first exposed to narrative medicine during my time at Duke and have continued to pursue this interest through writing for in-Training, an online magazine for medical students. I'll be applying to internal medicine residency this year, and I believe being an English graduate has shaped the kind of physician I hope to be!
Jennifer Hong