Holly Hilliard

Writing Instructor, Madison School & Community Recreation

Class Year


Professional Background

At Duke I got my first internship in the publishing industry, and after graduation I went on to work at a literary agency in New York City. I later switched careers and worked as an Operations Manager at Etsy. I'm a recent graduate of NC State's MFA program in Creative Writing, and now I write and teach in Madison, Wisconsin.

How has your English degree from Duke shaped your work life?

The Duke in New York: Arts and Media program helped me define my career goals and gain experience in the publishing industry, and the critical reading and writing skills I developed in my English classes gave me an edge when I was applying for jobs. When I decided to change careers, my background made me a good candidate for a legal job at Etsy (without having to go to law school!). An English degree has given me flexibility and a chance to try out a number of different career paths.



Photo of Holly Hilliard