Emily Schon

Librarian, Boston Children's Hospital

Class Year


Professional Background

After graduating, I pursued my Master’s Degree in Library and Information Science from the University of Pittsburgh, with a specialization in Health Resources and Services. I've worked in libraries in both the public and private sectors and currently work as a medical librarian at a large pediatric medical center.

How has being an English graduate from Duke University help shape your professional success?

My time as an English major at Duke was invaluable for many of the skills I’ve carried forward as an information professional. During my time as an undergraduate, I was taught to think critically and appraise literature, which is a key aspect in researching and sifting through studies quickly as a medical librarian. I was also constantly pushed express myself in thoughtful, meaningful ways. This has served as a foundation at my job for daily written communication and formal training sessions I hold for groups. Perhaps most importantly was learning the skill of close listening, which is fundamental in meeting with people to discuss projects or guiding panicked people through a problem on the phone. Learning to listen closely and reply by carefully choosing words to express myself have also allowed me to connect instantly with others of varying ages, religious, ethnic, or socioeconomic backgrounds hospital-wide, and put others at ease through conversation or a shared medium.

Emily Schon