Ellen Peterson Love

Degree and Year: 
BA 2000
Professional Title: 
Senior Manager, Consumer & Market Knowledge
Procter & Gamble

Professional Background: 
I influence the strategies of brands and categories at the world's leading CPG company, with over 15 years of experience in market research with P&G. I've worked on brands with over $1 billion in sales annually, qualified global initiatives, helped redesign stores for some of the fastest growing retailers in the US, and been a part of creating IRI Pacesetter products from the very first day until the launch.

How has being an English graduate from Duke University helped shape your professional success?: 
There are two major skills that I honed at Duke which are indispensable to my daily work. First, critical thinking skills, without which I would not be able to do the core part of my job - delivering insights. Secondly, my ability to construct a succinct yet persuasive written argument from a much larger set of information is crucial, as P&G is an information-rich environment with a culture that relies heavily on the written recommendation. I would not have been able to progress to my current level without these skills.
Ellen Peterson Love