Elisabeth Sloan

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I work for a real estate investment management firm in debt originations and capital markets. My responsibilities include sourcing commercial real estate loans and completing financed transactions for all property types domestically and internationally.

How has your English degree from Duke shaped your work life?

My English degree gave me the necessary tools to read and distill information from multiple genres and apply critical thinking skills to formulate my own conclusions, while simultaneously expanding my independent views through collective discussions and open exchange of ideas with peers. The English department opened my world to literary themes that I believe artfully expounded real life and allowed me to grow and express myself in new ways. It prepared me for law school, business school and gave me more incentive to think outside of the box and share my ideas. Although my career is in finance, I still enjoy re-reading my English literature books from college, to see what notes I left in the columns and to revisit and grow from previous ideas. To this day I still think of class discussions surrounding the literary classic Beowulf or the thesis I wrote on 2pac’s re-identification through political theorist Machiavelli. Thank you to the Duke English Department for continuing to share diversity of thought and supporting great professors.

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