Alejandra Rosas

Degree and Year: 
BA 2009
Professional Title: 
Communications & Multimedia Editor
Volunteers of America

Professional Background: 
Since graduating from Duke, I have worked at Volunteers of America, a human services non-profit organization. I have had the opportunity to develop full in-house video production capabilities, which previously did not exist. Now, we have a film studio and even live stream organizational events. Every couple weeks I travel to a different city to meet with VOA staff, clients, donors, and partners to learn about their success stories and capture them on video. In my role, I plan, shoot, edit and produce videos that highlight VOAäó»s efforts to serve the most vulnerable Americans. Through my freelance work, I have also had the opportunity to share the stories of marginalized individuals in developing countries. I have created videos to promote causes including microfinance, gender equality, and education.

How has being an English graduate from Duke University helped shape your professional success?: 
My English degree taught me the value of powerful and meaningful storytelling. Through my work, I have the opportunity to apply this every day, as I seek to find the most moving and compelling components of the stories I capture on video and edit them for various audiences. My English degree helped lay the foundation I use to successfully communicate to stakeholders the impact the work of VOA and other organizations can make on the life of a client in need.
Alejandra Rosas