Student Forms & Other Information

Online Forms for Graduate Students:

Committee Approval Form (Writable PDF)

Teaching Apprenticeship Responsibilities + Contract

Preliminary Exam Report (Downloadable PDF)

Conference Travel Fellowship Application (Downloadable PDF)

Audit Note (Downloadable PDF)

Inter-Institutional Approval Form (Downloadable PDF)

Leave of Absence Request Form (Downloadable PDF)

Annual Progress Report 2017-2018 (Downloadable DOC)


Effort Report Instructions (ECERT)


Tax Information:

If you want to set up tax withholding for your stipend you can download the proper forms here.  Be sure to write “NON-COMP" at the top of the form when using it for your non-compensatory funding before submitting it to the payroll office (Box 90484, campus mail). Compensatory money is automatically taxed.

1.  US Internal Revenue Service Federal Tax Sites:

2.  North Carolina Tax Sites: