Stephen Horne Award for Excellence in Teaching

Stephen Horne Award for Excellence in Teaching


This award is presented annually to a graduate student instructor in the English Department who best demonstrates outstanding commitment and excellence in the classroom.  Instructors are nominated by their students, and selection is made by the Director of Graduate Studies in consultation with the DGS Advisory Committee.  

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Congratulations to the 2019 recipients of this award:                      

Claire Ravenscroft & Chandler Fry

Stephen Horne Award Plaque


Simon Hay (2000) Anthony Tost (2009)
Denise Fulbrook (2001) Patrick Jagoda (2009)
Jene Lee (2002) George Vahamikos (2010)
Rebekah Long (2002) Astrid Giugni (2011)
Daniel Breen (2003) Magdalena Zurawski (2011)
Jacques Khalip (2003) William Revere (2012)
Stephane Robolin (2003) L. Colby Bogie (2012)
Caleb Smith (2004) Calina Ciobanu (2012)
Max Brzezinski (2005) Lynne Feeley (2013)
Melinda DiStefano (2005) J. Peter Moore (2014)
Andrew Burkett (2006) Brenna Casey (2015)
Anne Gulick (2006) Davide Carozza (2016)
Heather Mitchell (2007) Sonia Nayak (2017)
Elaine Yee (2007) Karen Little (2018)
Philip Steer (2008) Claire Ravenscroft & Chandler Fry (2019)