Michael Valdez Moses

Michael Valdez Moses

Associate Professor Emeritus of English

Michael Valdez Moses grew up in Los Angeles and was educated at Harvard, New College, Oxford, and the University of Virginia. He is the author of The Novel and the Globalization of Culture (Oxford UP, 1995), and has edited several collections of critical essays including The Writings of J. M. Coetzee (Duke UP, 1994), Modernism and Colonialism: British and Irish Literature, 1900-1939 (Duke UP, 2007), and Modernism and Cinema, (Edinburgh UP, 2010). His articles and reviews have appeared in Modernism/Modernity, Kenyon Review, Modernist Cultures, Latin American Literary Review, South Atlantic Quarterly, Modern Fiction Studies, Literary Imagination, Journal of Literary Studies, Safundi, Journal x, Margin, Reason, and essay collections from Harvard, Cambridge, Oxford, Duke, and Kentucky University Presses and from Blackwell and Palgrave/St. Martin Presses. His main interests are in modern comparative literature (especially British, Irish and postcolonial), the history of film, and in the interdisciplinary study of literature, political philosophy, and economics. Professor Moses is currently at work on a book project, Nation of the Dead: The Politics of Irish Literature, 1890 to the Present. He is co-editor of the journal, Modernist Cultures, published by Edinburgh University Press, contributing editor to Reason, and a member of the advisory boards of Modern Fiction Studies, jouvert, and CONTEXT. Professor Moses is an affiliated member of the faculty in the Program in Literature and a founding member of the Gerst Program for Political, Economic, and Humanistic Studies at Duke. He is former Director of Graduate Studies in the English Department.


  • Ph.D., University of Virginia 1987
  • M.A., University of Virginia 1982
  • Beinecke and Rotary Fellow, New College, Oxford University (U.K.) 1979 - 1980
  • A.B., Harvard University 1979

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