Christina Askounis

Christina Askounis

Lecturer Emerita of English

Christina Askounis holds a B.A. from Mary Washington College of the University of Virginia and an M.A.from The Johns Hopkins University Writing Seminars.

Her writing experience encompasses newspaper journalism, television and film scriptwriting, poetry and fiction; her short stories have appeared in popular magazines and in Image: A Journal of the Arts and Religion. A novel, The Dream of the Stone, originally published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux in 1993, was reissued in simultaneous hardcover and trade paperback by Simon and Schuster in Spring 2007. A screenplay,"Enchantment," was a finalist in the 2000 Moondance International Film Festival.

Her current research interests include fiction and creative nonfiction, creative process, spiritual autobiography, humor, travel literature, literary criticism by creative writers and the essays of Michel de Montaigne.


  • M.A., Johns Hopkins University 1969

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