Professor Faulkner Fox Leads the "Poem of the Day" Project


The current COVID-19 situation has forced us all to make significant adjustments to how we usually would go about our daily lives.  We could like to encourage everyone to find a positive and reassuring outlet during your free time that provides comfort.  We would not be the English Department without recommending leisure reading or challenging yourself to a creative writing daily word count.

During this pandemic, Professor Faulkner Fox began sharing poems daily on Friday, March 20, 2020, that speak to the current moment, in hopes of helping us all cope with these difficult times.  To quote the professor, "I don't know anything about pandemics, though I'm trying to learn.  I do know that poetry helps in times of distress.  I hope it brings you some solace."

The Hart Leadership Program in the Sanford School of Public Policy at Duke, where Professor Faulkner Fox is also a professor, is featuring Poem of the Day.  A new resource on its website on their Facebook page under her leadership.  The Hart Leadership site notes that, "We also know that poets and poetry have a long track record of expanding our capacity for seeing and understanding complexity, and for discovering insight, empathy, and a capacity to act in the face of unmoving obstacles."  

Each day a new poem is posted to the Hart Leadership Program site. The latest and archived selections will remain on the website "as long as social distancing is our watchword," states the page dedicated to Poem of the Day.