Q: I’m about to register for classes but have an advisement block on my account. Who do I contact for clearance?
A: Contact your assigned English advisor. If your advisor is listed as “Departmental Staff,” contact the department’s Undergraduate Studies Assistant to assign you an in-major advisor.

Q: I want to register for a course that is full. What should I do?
A: Join the waitlist for the course, then contact the professor to obtain an oversubscription permission number. Note that permission numbers are provided at professors’ discretion. You may want to attend the first class to discuss the possibility of adding the course during drop/add.

Q: I am interested in pursuing distinction in the major but am uncertain about the scope of the work required. Who can I contact to discuss distinction projects in English?
A: English Department Ambassadors are available to answer questions about the major, including specifics about distinction projects. You can also view past thesis titles and sample introductions on the Thesis & Distinction page.

Q: I am interested in completing an independent study with a professor in the department. How do I start this process?
A: The English Department's Independent Study Form is required to register for an independent study. Independent studies in the English Department follow the IS guidelines in Trinity's Policies and Procedures.

Q: What are English courses at Duke like?  
You can gain insight into English courses at Duke by contacting one of the English Department Ambassadors or by reading some of the profiles that the ambassadors have written about English courses.