Writing Across Borders

English 290S-4.03

This creative nonfiction course focuses around a fundamental challenge:  how can a member of one culture effectively and ethically write about another culture?  How can Duke students, in particular, become even more cognizant of the dynamics involved in observing then writing about cultures they encounter?  While this class is open to any student who wants to improve his or her writing and observational skills, it may be of particular value to those who have participated in--or plan to participate in--DukeEngage, a study abroad program, or Duke's Hart Leadership Program.  

Over the course of the semester, students will write multiple drafts of two final essays, as well as weekly shorter, more informal exercises and reading responses.  The class will contain a workshop component in which students discuss drafts of each other’s work, as well as several individual conferences with the professor, peers, and the Duke Writing Studio.        

The class will begin with an exercise of traveling to a location (of each student’s choosing) that constitutes crossing a border within the city of Durham, then writing about what was found there.

Flyer for Writing Across Borders Course

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