Asian American Literature

English 290-7.01

TuTh 4:40PM - 5:55PM
Visiting Fellow TBD

This interdisciplinary course is a critical introduction to the multiple, heterogeneous histories, cultural productions, and experiences that shape the lives of Asians in the U.S. Course introduces students to a range of historical, legal, theoretical, and cultural texts including literature and visual cultures, to explore issues and methodologies central to the field of Asian American Studies. What are the formative experiences and histories that define Asian America? What is the relationship of Asian Americans to the U.S. nation-state and to other ethnic/racial group experiences? Who is included in the category “Asian American” and how have these conceptions shifted over time? Select topics covered may include formations of identity and community, im/migration, globalization, citizenship, gender, sexuality, labor, global wars, imperialism, and (post)colonialisms in Asian America.