Intro to the Writing of Fiction


(Priority enrollment for first-year and second-year students. Open enrollment

via waitlist.)

The “W” designation for this course means that it can satisfy a graduation requirement. Better yet, this course can satisfy your story-telling itch, can arrange for you to practice the how-tos and the what-ifs and the whys, can give you license to make things up, and can help you to celebrate the third (thirty-third?) draft of a ten-page story. That “W” can be the first letter of the word you utter after you have written a great sentence.

You’ll read several short stories, with a view to trying to understand how they are made. And I’ll ask you, for starters, to write several beginnings: to try on different points of views, dictions/vocabularies/prose rhythms as the story requires. You may then help one or two of these beginnings evolve into a sturdy six-to-ten page story.

Your grades will be based on:

Class preparation and participation

Portfolio (all written work)

Overall effort

Intro to the Writing of Fiction