Area III: Modern & Contemporary

The following courses fulfill Area III: Modern and Contemporary requirements for the major in English. Not all courses are taught every semester.

Course Number Title Curriculum Codes Crosslisting Numbers
ENGLISH 251 British Literature: 1900 to 1945 ALP
ENGLISH 251.01 British Lit 1900-1945
ENGLISH 271 Classics of American Literature, 1915 to 1960: American Radiance ALP
English 271.01 Classics of American Lit: 1915-1960: American Radiance
ENGLISH 275S Asian American Literature ALP, CCI, CZ
ENGLISH 276 African American Literature ALP AAAS224
ENGLISH 284S Poetry, Medicine, and Healing Arts ALP, EI, R
ENGLISH 290-3 Special Topics in English Literature, 1945 to the present
ENGLISH 290-7 Special Topics in Language and Literature: Intro to Science Fiction.
ENGLISH 290AS-2 Topics in Nineteenth-Century British Literature
ENGLISH 290S-3 Special Topics in English Literature: Modern and Contemporary
ENGLISH 310A The Business of Art and Media ARTHIST313A, VMS301A, PJMS
ENGLISH 312A The Arts in New York: A Thematic Approach ALP, R, W THEATRST213A, VMS259A, PUBPOL312A
ENGLISH 358 Postcolonial Novel ALP, CCI
ENGLISH 369 American Literature, Civil War to First World War ALP
ENGLISH 370S Studies in American Literature 1860-1915 ALP
ENGLISH 371 American Literature, World War I to World War II ALP
ENGLISH 372S Modern American Poetry ALP, R
ENGLISH 373 American Literature, Cold War and After ALP
ENGLISH 374 Contemporary American Writers ALP
ENGLISH 377 Contemporary Novel ALP LIT351, ICS377
ENGLISH 377.01 Contemporary Novel
ENGLISH 383AS Theater in London: Text ALP, CCI THEATRST239AS
ENGLISH 390-1 Special Topics: Single American Author - Walt Whitman
ENGLISH 390-2 Special Topics in a Single British Author
ENGLISH 390-3 Special Topic in an Individual African American Author AAAS290-3
ENGLISH 390-4 Special Topics in African American Literary Genres AAAS290-4
ENGLISH 390-5 Special Topics in Genre
English 390-5.01 Special Topics in Genre: Political Drama
ENGLISH 390-6 Special Topics in Film: America Dreams Chinese Movies AMI211
ENGLISH 390-6.01 Special Topics in Film: The Western AMI 390
English 390-6.01 Special Topics in Film: Hollywood Renegades: American New Wave Cinema, 1967-1982
ENGLISH 390S-1 Special Topics in a Single American Author
ENGLISH 390S-1.01 William Carlos
English 390S-1.01 English 390S-1.01 Single American Author: Bob Dylan
ENGLISH 390S-1.02 TS Eliot
ENGLISH 390S-2 Special Topics in a Single British Author
ENGLISH 390S-6 Special Topics in Film AMI
English 390S-7.02 Special Topics in Language and Literature: Virginia Woolf & Zadie Smith
English 390S-7.04 Special Topics in Language and Literature: Doctors’ Stories
ENGLISH 490 Special Topics in Language and Literature
ENGLISH 490-7 Special Topics in Literature and the Other Arts
ENGLISH 490-7.01 Death Drives: Literature, Art, Desire, and the Encounter with Death
English 490.01 Special Topics in Language and Literature: Nobel Literature
ENGLISH 490S Special Topics in Language and Literature
ENGLISH 490S-2 Special topics in African American Literary Studies
ENGLISH 490S-9 Selected Topics in Feminist Studies
ENGLISH 490T Tutorial (Area I, II, or III as determined by instructor)
ENGLISH 550S British Literature since 1900 ALP
ENGLISH 590-3 Special Topics III
ENGLISH 590S-3 Special Topics Seminar III