Wallace Kaufman

Degree and Year: 
BA 1961
Professional Title: 
Writer and Mediator

Professional Background: 
After earning an M.Litt. at Oxford as a Marshall Scholar, I taught at UNC-CH, Duke, and Bucknell before moving into land development using environmental standards. Real estate work led to becoming an expert in property valuation which I taught for the World Bank in Central Asia. I also began to develop a mediation practice and continued to write about Central America, the former Soviet Union, and natural history. After moving to the Oregon coast, I continued writing and mediating. This spring Springer will publish a sci-fi novel I co-authored with Duke roommate David Deamer. I have also written two texts and several mass market trade books as well as publishing fiction and poetry in national publications.

How has being an English graduate from Duke University helped shape your professional success?: 
Three excellent professors--Wm. Blackburn, Reynolds Price, and Helen Bevington presented literature as a way of seeing into other cultures, religions, and eras. That was a strong foundation for my own writing and creating the narratives that have served me well whether doing economic surveys in Eastern Europe, being an expert witness in court, or writing a business plan.
Wallace Kaufman