Thomas Marino Palisi, Jr.

Law Clerk, King & Spalding LLP

Class Year


Professional Background

I am currently a first-year law clerk (associate pending admission to the bar) in the New York office of King & Spalding LLP, an international law firm. I currently perform transactional legal services on the Financial Services team. I graduated from Notre Dame Law School in 2021.

How has your English degree from Duke shaped your work life?

My experience as an English major at Duke prepared me to be the best reader, writer, thinker, and public speaker that I could be. The program demanded attention to details, both in classroom discussions and in our written assignments. When we made an argument in class, we were not only asked to cite the source of such argument from a given text, but we also were challenged to think critically about an author's suggestions. In other words, we had to think and reason for ourselves. Creating a habitual commitment to details was critical to my success in law school and beyond. As a lawyer, it is my job to distill complex legal theories into the practical business demands of my both firm's clients and fellow senior attorneys.




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