Elizabeth Minton

Degree and Year: 
BA 2009
Professional Title: 
Associate Attorney
Mahomes Bolden PC

Professional Background: 
My current practice areas are public finance and corporate transaction work. I work primarily on preparing offering memorandums and essential accompanying documents for public bond issuances, particularly for state and North Texas entities, as well as conducting due diligence for securities regulation and compliance for these issuances. I also work on corporate transactions, including stock or asset acquisitions and real estate matters. Additionally, I provide legal assistance to non-profit organizations, such as providing corporate governance counsel, assist in amending organization documents, and giving advice on investment activities.

How has being an English graduate from Duke University helped shape your professional success?: 
My background in English has been so useful in my field. Written communication and creative thinking are a must for public finance law. My English major helped prepare me for the immense amounts of reading, analytical writing, and helped me develop a general ability to get my point across to large groups of people. It's also kind of fun to be the go-to person in my firm for grammar questions. No regrets!
Elizabeth Minton