Annette Brisendine Satterfield

Retired , The University System of Georgia



Professional Background

I majored in English and Organ at Duke and was graduated in 3 years. I did graduate work in Musicology at UNC and UGA. I planned on teaching music but when I applied at Clayton Junior College in Morrow, Georgia, I was told they had enough music instructors but needed someone in the Admissions Office. I knew nothing about the area but took the job. In a year I was named the first Registrar of the college and subsequently became the Registrar and Director of Admissions. I worked there 15 years. The Registrar at Georgia Tech then asked me to work at GaTech as Director of Students Records and after a year or so I was named Associate Registrar. I loved college administration from the very beginning and enjoyed my career every day of my 32 years.

How has being an English graduate from Duke University help shape your professional success?

A degree in English with the other degree requirements provided me with a strong liberal arts education which was a good base for anything I wanted to do at the time I was getting into the work force. I believe in a strong liberal arts and sciences education, although I understand that today in order to be competitive you must have more technical education.

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