Ann Elsas

Senior Public Relations Manager, AT&T

Class Year


Professional Background

Junior Editor at Longstreet Press (an Atlanta-based publishing house), Associate at The Ledlie Group (an Atlanta-based PR firm), Freelance Writer for Piedmont Review (an Atlanta-based fine arts publication) and Senior Public Relations Manager at AT&T

How has being an English graduate from Duke University help shape your professional success?

I have used the skills and critical thinking acquired from my years as an English major at Duke in every step of my professional career. I was a junior editor at a publishing house post-college, which required great attention to detail, an understanding of composition, an appreciation for the art of writing and a sharp grammatical eye. During my 12 years in public relations, I have implemented those same skills when writing internal pieces for clients or when interfacing with media -- be it print, online or broadcast. Above all, my years as an English major helped me to think creatively and strategically, improved my writing and strengthened my communication skills.

Ann Elsas