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Runner-Up Summer Bookclub

Runner-Up Summer Bookclub: Sponsored by the English Majors Union and the Duke Libraries Tues May 19th, 12:15 pm, 328 Allen! RSVP (rebecca.gibson@duke.edu): lunch will be provided! Red (by John Logan) (It was one of the candidates for the summer reading for the incoming freshman class - we'll probably read…
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EMU spring meeting (notes)

What is EMU doing this spring? We met twice during the week of March 16th to brainstorm and plan activities. Best ways for the department to keep in touch with students (about events, etc): -- weekly email newsletter (√ expect one Monday) -- dedicated bulletin board in the Allen…
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Bookmark (with President Brodhead)

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Bookmark: An hour of poetry with President Brodhead Mon April 13, 2015 -- 5 pm Remember the time you opened a book and hours flew by? Remember the page, the passage, the lines that changed the way you thought or felt? Perhaps it was in your favorite English class,…
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About the English Majors Union (EMU)

What is EMU?

We're not the largest bird native to Australia, but we are a group of undergraduate students with an appreciation for the nuanced power of words and the wisdom and human frailty inherent in the narrative. In other words, we really love to read and write and are pretty awesome at it too.

Who joins EMU?

English Majors, English Minors, and other English students!

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