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About the English Majors Union (EMU)

What is EMU?

We're not the largest bird native to Australia, but we are a group of undergraduate students with an appreciation for the nuanced power of words and the wisdom and human frailty inherent in the narrative. In other words, we really love to read and write and are pretty awesome at it too.

Who joins EMU?

English Majors, English Minors, and other English students!

What is EMU doing this year?

We met twice during the week of March 16th to brainstorm and plan activities.

Best ways for the department to keep in touch with students (about events, etc):

-- weekly email newsletter (√  expect one Monday)

-- dedicated bulletin board in the Allen building (√  It will be near the LCD screen)

-- English students’ Facebook group

-- include useful deadline reminders in the newsletter (√ ok!)

-- Event posters in the libraries and writing center, etc.

            * We’ll occassionally ask you to help put up event posters around campus.

-- Events@Duke calendar

            *Our events are always listed there, but it’s a huge calendar.  We’ll keep thinking about ways to make events more obvious on student calendars

-- shared google calendar

            *If lots of you use google calendars, we could certainly do this


Fun things to do this spring:

Spring bookclub (√  This is being organized now!  Stay tuned.)

Faculty “flunches” and grad student “glunches”

Movie nights

“Field trip” to go see a play (look for suggestions and links in Monday’s newsletter)

Share a list of “Must-Do” items before you graduate from Duke

Fun things to organize for this summer/next fall:

More book clubs

Interviewing alumni for an ongoing departmental project

Student panels about thesis writing, internships, study abroad, opportunities for publishing, etc.

Duke Library’s “Adopt-a-book” program

Jane Austen’s Emma turns 200 next fall.  Emma should have a birthday party!  Fancy tea party at the Washington Duke Inn?

If you are interested in joining, or in filling any of the EMU's open positions, please contact rebecca.gibson@duke.edu.