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About the English Majors Union (EMU)

What is EMU?

We're not the largest bird native to Australia, but we are a group of undergraduate students with an appreciation for the nuanced power of words and the wisdom and human frailty inherent in the narrative. In other words, we really love to read and write and are pretty awesome at it too.

Who joins EMU?

If you're interested in getting an English major or a minor, or are just wide open to the possibilities, you are welcome to join.

What is EMU doing this year?

Traditionally, EMU links students with professors via flunches and provides undergraduates with advice on courses. This year, we seek to expand our role with several new initiatives, such as:

  • A Graduate-Undergraduate interaction program
  • Career panels and a heightened awareness of what you can do with your English major
  • A thesis panel
  • Readings for books about to be turned into movies, such as The Hobbit and Anna Karenina
  • Re-organizing the Book Swap in the lounge to include select books from classes offered in the current semester and alsothe next semester. 
  • Awesome T-shirts and coffee mugs! 

There's always room for more ideas, so if you have any, don't hesitate to e-mail your friendly officers: 

Vice President  
Secretary Allison Shen/Shaoxin Lu
Treasurer Paige Meier
Publicity Chair  
Webmaster Erica Kim

*Founder: Cynthia Chen

If you are interested in joining, or in filling any of the EMU's open positions, please contact Allison Shen allison.shen@duke.edu.