Duke University Linguistics Program

The JD/MA degree

JD/MAs are required to complete 18 graded units and register for 12 ungraded research units. Typically they take one course toward the English part of their degree in each of the six semesters of their Law degree, and register for 3 units of ungraded research in four of those six terms. ("Research" is listed in the course listing alphabetically for purposes of registration; registering for ungraded research is a Graduate School requirement but it does not affect your workload in any given term.) Two courses to be counted toward the MA may be offered in the Literature Program rather than in English, and one course, with the approval of the Director of Graduate Studies in English, may be at the undergraduate level. No thesis is required for the MA, but students who wish to write a thesis should find a supervisor, then register for English 399, Research for Master's Thesis, in place of two of their six courses. The Graduate Studies office will help with this process.

Summary of MA Requirements:

Total of 30 units
6 graded courses (18 units)
2 of these courses can be in Literature
1 of these courses can be an undergraduate course
12 units of ungraded research
Non-Thesis: Approval of MA by three professors who have graded one paper each from your courses.
Thesis: Approval by committee of at least three faculty who oversee and critique your writing.