Representing Migrancy Lab Open House

Thursday, September 7, 2017 - 4:30pm

This new research lab, coordinated by four English Department faculty members, is dedicated to investigating stories of migration from the origins of modernity to contemporary concerns: asylum, sanctuary, diaspora, and refuge. Participants in this lab will do collaborative research on the representation and cultural expression of migrancy in literature, music, and performance cultures. Students in any major are welcome and there will be opportunities for undergrads, grads, and faculty to work together on multiple research projects, along with lectures and trips to local performances. Related courses include Language in Immigrant America(a service learning course), Intellectual Traditions of Black Liberation; and Oceanic Studies. You are *not* required to enroll in the class to join the lab. A working group on Long Histories and Emerging Presents of Migrancy will also gather once a month. All are welcome.

Bostock Library - The Edge Workshop Room
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