Area III: Modern & Contemporary

The following courses fulfill Area III: Modern and Contemporary requirements for the major in English. Not all courses are taught every semester.

Course Number Title Curriculum Codes Crosslisting Numbers
ENGLISH 251 British Literature: 1900 to 1945 ALP
ENGLISH 271 Classics of American Literature, 1915 to 1960: American Radiance ALP
ENGLISH 275S Asian American Literature ALP, CCI, CZ
ENGLISH 276 African American Literature ALP AAAS224
ENGLISH 284S Poetry, Medicine, and Healing Arts ALP, EI, R
ENGLISH 290-3 Special Topics in English Literature, 1945 to the present
ENGLISH 290-7 Special Topics in Language and Literature: Intro to Science Fiction.
ENGLISH 290AS-2 Topics in Nineteenth-Century British Literature
ENGLISH 290S-3 Special Topics in English Literature: Modern and Contemporary
ENGLISH 310A The Business of Art and Media ARTHIST313A, VMS301A, PJMS
ENGLISH 312A The Arts in New York: A Thematic Approach ALP, R, W THEATRST213A, VMS259A, PUBPOL312A
ENGLISH 358 Postcolonial Novel ALP, CCI
ENGLISH 369 American Literature, Civil War to First World War ALP
ENGLISH 370S Studies in American Literature 1860-1915 ALP
ENGLISH 371 American Literature, World War I to World War II ALP
ENGLISH 372S Modern American Poetry ALP, R
ENGLISH 373 American Literature, Cold War and After ALP
ENGLISH 374 Contemporary American Writers ALP
ENGLISH 377 Contemporary Novel ALP LIT351, ICS377
ENGLISH 383AS Theater in London: Text ALP, CCI THEATRST239AS
ENGLISH 390-1 Special Topics: Single American Author - Walt Whitman
ENGLISH 390-2 Special Topics in a Single British Author
ENGLISH 390-3 Special Topic in an Individual African American Author AAAS290-3
ENGLISH 390-4 Special Topics in African American Literary Genres AAAS290-4
ENGLISH 390-5 Special Topics in Genre
ENGLISH 390-6 Special Topics in Film: America Dreams Chinese Movies AMI211
ENGLISH 390S-1 Special Topics in a Single American Author
ENGLISH 390S-2 Special Topics in a Single British Author
ENGLISH 390S-6 Special Topics in Film AMI
ENGLISH 490 Special Topics in Language and Literature
ENGLISH 490-7 Special Topics in Literature and the Other Arts
ENGLISH 490S Special Topics in Language and Literature
ENGLISH 490S-2 Special topics in African American Literary Studies
ENGLISH 490S-9 Selected Topics in Feminist Studies
ENGLISH 490T Tutorial (Area I, II, or III as determined by instructor)
ENGLISH 550S British Literature since 1900 ALP
ENGLISH 590-3 Special Topics III
ENGLISH 590S-3 Special Topics Seminar III